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It feels like ages since I was in Valencia even though it was just 2 weeks ago! This trip around Spain has taken me to so many wonderful cities that I can’t keep track of the days anymore. Valencia is the 3rd largest city in Spain, yet feels the most home-y. Even though this was my first time visiting Valencia I immediately felt at home and like I had been there many times before. Getting to try a real Paella Valenciana also added to the experience 😉

I went to Valencia right after Madrid and used my Eurail pass for the first time. The Eurail Global Pass I got allows me to travel by train for 2 months around Europe. The trip from Madrid to Valencia took around two and a half hours and I actually wished it took longer because the service was amazing! I got a first class pass which included lunch, drinks, and everything else you might need. The seats were incredibly comfortable and spacious, and every few minutes someone would come by to ensure everything was alright and to make sure your cup was never empty. Gin and tonic while seeing the beautiful Spanish country-side from my window? Don’t mind if I do! Train travel is a whole other ball park from air travel!

My time in Valencia was short, only 2 nights at Hotel Malcom & Barrett, but I loved everything I saw. The service at Malcom & Barrett was great as they have a very helpful staff who immediately gave me recommendations for the area and made planning my short trip much easier! My hotel room was simple, but nicely decorated, and had strong AC! This is a huge plus as Valencia is very hot and humid in the summer. It was nice coming back to my ice-cold room after a long day of walking around in the heat. Breakfast was also included with my stay and consisted of a delicious buffet served in the hotel’s restaurant (which is also open to the public).

Malcom & Barrett is located near Russafa – a hot spot in Valencia. This is where I would go to have lunch and dinner as it has many traditional and trendy cafes. Malcom & Barrett is also very close to the City of Arts and Sciences, a must-see when in the city. The historic center was also within walking distance and is so worth the visit! I loved getting lost in the winding little streets and finding cute cafes and markets to explore. Be sure to not only try Paella while in Valencia but also some Horchata – a traditional drink from Valencia.

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Overall my time in Valencia was spent walking around the city, trying out nice cafes, and sight-seeing. I had a great experience in the city and would love to come back to explore more of it! I think this is a city that is best to not only sightsee, but actually live it like a local. Add it to your Spain itinerary!

Have you been to Valencia? What was the highlight of your trip? Let me know in the comments below!

xx, Karen

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