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Prague is one of those cities that when you arrive you realize it’s better than the pictures.

This medieval city had me in awe for the 2 days I was there. Every corner, every building, and every cafe was better than the last. I just couldn’t get enough of Prague and wanted to stay longer (what’s new?).

Prague is an architecture, culture, and food lovers paradise, with the last part being what I, a foodie, got to experience most of.

During my time in Prague I got to try another Airbnb experience, this time a foodie tour.

You may remember my first Airbnb experience from the beginning of my trip in Barcelona. That one was a photography tour, which I loved, but this time I wanted to have an experience that catered to my other love – food.

Prague’s foodie scene is a foodie paradise. Czech cuisine is very comforting, and Prague has so many great cafes and restaurants to try!

Since I only had 2 days in the city, I thought the best way to try a little bit of everything of Prague’s foodie scene would be to do a foodie tour. I booked a tour through Airbnb experiences which consisted of 4 hours of food tasting along with a small city tour when walking from one restaurant to another.

During the tour I got to try out 3 different types of restaurants. These were a mixture of some of the city’s best local spots and even fine dining. We started off the tour by trying some Czech fast food at Zlaty Kriz. Here they offer a variety of open-faced sandwiches with the most traditional one being potato salad. It’s the one I tried and it was delicious!

Our second stop was for beer and meat – 2 things Czech cuisine is known for and what make up a big part of Prague’s foodie scene. We went to a popular local taverna to try some traditional Czech beer – Pilsner Urquell. It is always served at 4 degrees Celsius, aka extra cold! They also served us a variety of meats which you ate around a table standing. It was a very cool and local experience.

For the last stop on the tour we walked out of the city center and over to Prague 7 to a fine-dining restaurant. Here we had a degustation menu so we got to try a little bit of everything; and everything was delicious! This was my favorite part of the tour!

This tour gave me a good overall look at Prague’s foodie scene. The “Eat through Prague” tour was led by Adam, a Prague foodie himself, who is also very knowledgeable about the city. Apart from getting to try Czech cuisine, I also learned a lot about Prague and the foodie scene through this tour and felt like I was talking with a friend the whole time. That is the best part about Airbnb experiences, that they are led by locals who are welcoming and make you feel at home. I highly recommend you try it!

Update: Unfortunately, this tour is no longer available. But I still think that going on a tour like this is the best way to experience Prague food scene. Research available Prague foor tours and find one that caters to your specific tastes. Some specialize in local cuisine and specialty dishes, while others focus more on beer and wine tasting experiences.

And if you want to experience more of this wonderful city, here are the best things to do in Prague.

Have you tried an Airbnb experience? In what city? Did you enjoy it? Let me know in the comments below!

xx, Karen

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