Colombia launches a digital nomad visa to attract visitors looking for an enticing remote-working base. As one of the cheapest places to live in 2023, according to International Living magazine, the country could be the ideal spot for digital nomads.

In Bogota, rent for a one-bedroom flat over six months will cost around €2,000. And with Colombia located in the same time zone as some eastern US states, it could be an attractive option for those who work on American hours.

To apply, applicants must possess a valid passport issued by a country on the list of those exempt from needing a short-stay visa, have proof of employment and health insurance, and demonstrate a minimum income of 3 million Colombian pesos or €600. This can be proved through bank statements.

Visitors from certain countries, such as the US, Canada or the UK, generally do not require a short-stay visa to enter Colombia for stays of up to six months out of the year. With an Entry Permit, travelers can even stay for up to 180 days without needing any additional paperwork. This period is extended from the default 90 days allowed.

With digital nomad visa, individuals are able to stay in the country for up to two years and obtain ‘Cedula de Extranjeria’, which is a form of identification that will allow them access to services such as signing up for a mobile phone contract or renting a property. Colombia has set an ambitious target of attracting 45,000 digital nomads over the first 18 months. The country is already seeing an influx of international travelers. With the new visa program, it looks likely that this number will increase even further in coming years. created a dedicated page with information for digital nomads.

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Barcelona, Mallorca and Lisbon are some of the great options with vibrant cultures and great work-life balance opportunities. Each of these destinations has something unique to offer digital nomads—from the foodie delights of Barcelona to the stunning beaches of Mallorca and the historical sites in Lisbon.

Our comprehensive guides will help you navigate each city like a local as well as provide advice on how to take advantage of their respective digital nomad visa programs.

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