Is Spain Safe for Solo Female Travelers?

Spain is a very popular travel destination for a variety of reasons, including the Mediterranean coast’s sun-drenched beaches and the dynamic cities of Madrid and Barcelona.

Information You Need to Know Before Traveling Solo in Spain As a Female

First and foremost, it is important to note that Spain is generally a safe country.

Spain was ranked as the 29th most peaceful nation in the world out of 163 nations, according to the Global Peace Index.

In addition, Spain has a comparatively low crime rate when compared to other European nations, and violent crime is seldom.

One thing that may put some women at ease is that Spain is a very popular destination for solo female travelers.


Spain also has a variety of accommodations that are geared toward female visitors traveling alone.

Particularly in terms of a place to stay hostels are a well-liked option since they provide inexpensive lodging and the chance to interact with other visitors.

Many hostels also have female-only dorm rooms available, which may add an added level of security and comfort.

You can also try staying in hotels, just like the 5-star hotel of Barcelona, Hotel Miramar, or Primero Primera if you’re into a place to stay that also feels safe.

Excellent Public Transport

Furthermore, it is important to note that Spain has an excellent public infrastructure that makes traveling between cities and villages simple and secure.

However, it is crucial to watch your things and be cautious of your surroundings when using any public transport.

Common Crimes in Spain That You Should Be Aware of and How to Avoid Them


Pickpocketing is a significant issue in Spain. In fact, it’s one of the crimes to which tourists are most frequently subjected or become targets.

But you may reduce your risk of becoming a victim of it by being alert of your surroundings, not keeping all of your valuables in one location, and being wary of anyone who may be attempting to divert your attention.

Travel Scams

Another crime wherein you might become a victim is being scammed.

Unfortunately, Spain is also a place where tourists are often targeted by scammers. One famous example of this is the so-called scam named Rosemary Scam.”

This frequently occurs in Madrid where scammers, usually female or elderly, approach travelers and ask if they would like to purchase a rosemary twig for good luck before telling them a fortune.

Only €5 to €20 would be required as payment for the aforementioned item or service. However, if a traveler decided to not pay, they would immediately make a big deal out of it, pressuring them, until they finally caved in.

Things to Keep in Mind:

The most essential thing is to always be conscious of your surroundings.

Learning a few fundamental Spanish words is also advised because it will be appreciated by the locals and will be useful in an emergency.

Having a backup plan is always a smart idea in case of emergency, despite the general safety in Spain. Having important contact details saved on your phone, keeping a copy of your passport in a secure location, and telling someone about your trip plans are all examples of how to do this.

In conclusion, Spain is an excellent choice for female solo travelers, providing a plethora of cultural activities, breathtaking scenery, and a lively environment. Even while it’s essential to exercise caution and be aware of possible hazards, you shouldn’t let these things stop you from taking advantage of everything that Spain has to offer.

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