Aside from Digital Nomads, the Japanese government plans to attract foreign investments.

The Japanese government aims to attract foreign direct investments worth 100 trillion yen by 2030. Moreover, Japan also plans to encourage remote workers, known as digital nomads. The program will become a of the country’s drive to boost economic growth and global competitiveness.

Enchanting Digital Nomads

According to Japan Today, Prime Minister Fumio Kishida mentioned that the action plan will make Japan more open to the world. The Japanese government has always been plagued with labor shortages because of the shrinking Japanese population. In response, the policy will loosen the strict immigration policy and gradually open the country to foreign workers. Additionally, the pandemic gave rise to other popular workstyles like digital nomadism, and the government is considering ways to accommodate such remote workers. However, Japan currently doesn’t offer specialized visas for digital nomads like Spain and Portugal. With the foreign policy en route, we can see it soon.

New Digital Nomad Hotspot?

Japan is one of the most popular destinations in Asia, and it is no secret among digital nomads.

The place has a unique culture and picturesque scenery with countless attractions. Citizenremote stated that staying in Japan as a tourist may seem pricy but dwelling for long periods is rewarding. Moreover, the locals are very respectful and accommodating, so finding friends comes easily. For now, working visas available in Japan are limited to skilled professionals and entrepreneur start-ups who work in fields like Health, Medical, Welfare, Food, Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries, Information Technologies, Environment, Energy, Culture, Art, and Fashion.

The country is doing its best to accommodate digital nomads by slowly opening its door.

With a new policy in motion, it is just a matter of time before we can see a specialized working visa for digital nomads.

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