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Mallorca is best known for being one of the top destinations for summer vacation in Europe. I know, this is not news to anyone. This is why I thought it would be a good idea to share another side of Mallorca. The one most people don’t know about and have not had the opportunity to see. But as it happens, the Fall can be a great time to visit Mallorca at a slower, more intimate pace. You get the chance to see the island in a pleasant, milder climate. If you happen to be organising a visit this fall, please consider my selection of the 5 Top Picturesque towns in Mallorca to visit. Enjoy!

The Most Beautiful Towns In Mallorca | | IG:


I already included Valldemossa in the top 10 instagrammable spots in Mallorca, but I felt I definitely could not leave it out of this top 5. The drive to this town is already picturesque in itself. In the horizon you will see the “Serra de Tramuntana”, the mountain range considered World Heritage by UNESCO since 2011. How’s that for a view? In contrast to the beach scene, you probably know Mallorca for, in the Fall you will be able to see a greener scenery along the way.

Top picturesque places: Visit “La Cartuja” to get excellent views of Valldemossa. As well as learn about the history of this former royal residence. Walk along the town’s streets to admire its architectural beauty. And never leave without taking a picture of your hot chocolate and “coca de patata”, a local sweet delicacy.


Deià is also one of the most picturesque towns in Mallorca. and also the perfect place to add to your itinerary. Why you say? Because if you continue North after Valldemossa, it is the next town on your way. If you are short on town, it is a great idea to squeeze both towns in one day.

Top picturesque places: With a similar vibe to Valldemossa, my best suggestion for Deià is that you choose one of the beautiful terraces along the centre of the town. Enjoy the views of the mountain and the sound of the flowing water torrents whilst you sip on a hot cup of coffee or tea. The view from these terraces is simply the best thing you can admire here.


The picturesque part of Soller is already included in an alternative means of transport to get there: by train! And although a train per se does not sound alternative at all, please bear with me! The train you can take from Palma to Soller is a beautiful antique conserved train. As well as taking you to Soller itself, it takes you to another time.

Top picturesque places: The journey to Soller on the train and the town itself. Also, admire the orange and lemon trees along the way and take yourself to the Port of Soller with an antique tram. Take a walk along the port and enjoy a drink in the sunshine, or have the famous “gambas de Soller” (shrimp) for lunch.

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If you are looking for authenticity, Estellencs is the place for you. With no huge resorts and only small hotels to stay, it is great if you are looking for a place to retreat and enjoy a peaceful, Fall weekend in Mallorca. The town has a population of just under 400, so expect it to be the perfect place for an off grid experience.

Top picturesque places: The hikes you can take in this small town are its best quality. You can admire the beautiful Mediterranean water on one side and the stunning “Serra de Tramuntana” mountain range on the other.


As all of the towns mentioned in this post, Banyalbufar is located in Mallorca’s west coast and in the “Serra de Tramuntana” area. All towns have a similar style, but each of them has a unique essence to it. I highly encourage you to include Banyalbufar in your plans. Wander around and find all of the picturesque corners awaiting.

Top picturesque places: The stunning views from “Torre del Verger”. This top landmark is found between Estellencs and Banyalbufar. Therefore, it is a great place to include in your itinerary to connect both towns. You also get to admire the tower itself, pretty well preserved considering it was built in 1579.

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The Most Beautiful Towns In Mallorca | | IG:

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