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Following our hectic time in Bangkok Nick and I decided to head down south to Thailand’s famous islands. We first stopped in Phuket for a week, and have now moved on to Koh Lanta. We used our time in Phuket as mainly a ‘vacation’ from travel and Instagram. 

Traveling vs. vacationing is so different, and I never understood this until now that we are doing it. Traveling for us is non-stop so it becomes your daily routine. It’s an amazing thing getting to see country after country and exploring the world, however, it can also be exhausting! Taking time to just relax and have a lazy day even while traveling is important. So this is what we did in Phuket, took some time off from our blogs, Instagram, photography (for the most part), and anything work-related to just relax.

While in Phuket we were greeted with rainy days which was actually nice as it pushed us to sleep in. We had so many lazy days that week- sleeping in till noon and having nothing planned for the day other than relaxing in each other’s company. We found a fruit stand with the sweetest Thai lady named Nan who we visited twice daily. She became our Thai bff, taught us some words in Thai, and made us the most amazing smoothies we have ever tried for breakfast and dinner. We miss her smoothies so much already! 

Other than drinking smoothies and sleeping in we did visit a few beaches in Phuket. Sadly, the beaches on this island are a little too overrun with tourists, and have become polluted. Most of the beaches we visited – Kata, Karon, Surin, and Kata Noi – we very dirty. Karon being the slight exception. We spent most of our beach time on Karon’s gold sandy coast. Regardless of the tourist problem in Phuket, we loved our time on the island and taking this vacation helped tremendously. We are both more relaxed now and can focus better on work because of that break. 

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xx, Karen 

What are your thoughts on vacation? Do you agree that it is necessary sometimes even as a traveler? Let me know in the comments below!


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