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10 Creative Ways Of  Re-Using  Old Suitcases

Luggage pieces like suitcases, duffle bags, and travel backpacks go through a lot over the years.

They get tossed on conveyor belts, squeezed into cargo holds of planes, and packed to the brim with all your belongings inside. It’s no surprise that they won’t last forever, especially if you travel a lot and maybe don’t tend to buy luggage for hundreds of dollars.

If it’s still in decent condition, is there a better option than just throwing it away?  Luckily there is!

Where To Donate Suitcases

1. Donate your old luggage to kids in foster care

2. Donate your old suitcases and luggage to a second-hand shop or goodwill

3. Donate your suitcases to a homeless or woman’s shelter

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