2 Days In Porto: The Perfect Porto Itinerary

Travel Tips by: Lifestyle Traveler

There’s something so authentic and magical about this city – everyone talks about it, yet no-one quite knows how to describe it. 


Don’t dive head-first into sightseeing! Instead, spend your first day taking in some of the vibes and flavors of the city.

Bolhão Market – awesome market in the middle of the city. Walk along the river – come here before sunset, for golden hour, for the most amazing walk along the river.

Passeio das Virtudes – amazing little park overlooking the river with great views of the city from above. Taxca “A Badalhoca”– authentic Portuguese bar that serves amazing (and cheap!) food.


Fuel up with a healthy breakfast and coffee, head to the wine caves, sightsee, and try Porto’s traditional dish!

Zeinth – start off your day right with brunch at this amazing healthy cafe. Porto Wine Caves – cross the river to the wine caves.

Old Town – walk around and get lost in Porto’s historic city center. Almanaque – for a mid-day pick me up head to this cute coffee shop near the center of Porto.

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