2 Days in Riga:  The Perfect Riga Itinerary

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In this post we’ll take you through the best places to visit in Riga, Latvia.

Day 1

Go on a Free Walking Tour in the Old Town All the major iconic buildings are located in the Old Town of Riga –  a UNESCO-protected area.

Head to Lido for lunch A place where locals get a casual meal – fast, tasty and great value for money. Go up St. Peter’s Church for a view When you’ve already seen the city from the top just walk around the streets of the Old Town

Coffee break at Vilhelms Kuze (V.Kuze) Very nice retro place with cozy atmosphere and jazz music. Relax in the park or enjoy a boat tour There are several parks near the Old Town.

Day 2

Start the day with a perfect cup of coffee at Miit Coffee The place has a terrace and some comfy places to sit down with a laptop. Visit KGB House Make sure to book a guided tour in advance.

Head to Space Falafel for lunch If you’re a fan of Israeli food like I am you’re gonna love Space Falafel. Walk around the Art Nouveau district After lunch stroll around Elizabeth and Alberta streets to see some of the most impressive Art Nouveau architecture in the city.

Visit The National Library Of Latvia You can get a visitors pass and visit the Library for free. How To Get Around Riga Besides public transport there are Bolt scooters all over the city, Skok motorollers and car sharing services.

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