A Mini Weekend Guide To Bondi Beach

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Bondi is known for being a beautiful, long sandy beach, and for the pools that hang over the ocean.

These pools can be seen all over Instagram and are the main reason I wanted to visit Bondi! Turns out there’s much more to Bondi Beach than this insta-worthy photo-op.

I highly recommend going for the view. It is the best.

Bondi Beach Icebergs

There is also a restaurant there if you get hungry.  The town of Bondi is also amazing to walk around in.

I loved Anita’s Gelateria, and guiding from the long line, so does everyone else in Bondi. Their passion fruit gelato is to die for – and dairy free!

Another cool place is Gertrude & Alice a coffee shop/book store that has the coolest vibe. It seems to be full of locals too – everyone at my table knew each other!

I loved everything about Bondi Beach and only wish to have visited sooner!

Terrain Map

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