A Minimalist Packing  List  For  Female Travelers

Travel Tips by: Lifestyle Traveler

Minimalistic packing  has become a hobby of mine – challenging myself to bring less and less each time I get the chance to unpack and repack my carry-on.

The Basics

Passport – Pretty obvious but sometimes forgotten! Bring the actual passport plus a digital copy emailed to yourself in case anything happens.

Bring a decent amount of cash ($500 is a good amount) in-case you can’t use card. You can exchange what you need when you get to your destination.


Carry-on Approved luggage or backpack

Whichever you prefer, but keep it carry-on sized to avoid extra fees, lost luggage, and extra lines.

Travel rain coat

Get a raincoat and you’ll be much less miserable when the world rains on your parade.

Travel Camera

If you’re more serious about your Instagram game get yourself a travel camera.

Global Hot-Spot

Whatever you call yourself, if you work from your laptop while traveling you might want to get yourself a global hotspot.

Terrain Map

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