Airbnb Review Templates & Guide

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If you’re stuck on how to write a helpful review on Airbnb as a guest and need an example, you’re going to want to read this guide.

Why You Should Take The Time To Write An Airbnb Review

Investing just five minutes into rating an Airbnb rental can help future travelers significantly when choosing a place to stay.

People tend to only rate extremely positive or extremely negative experiences with little average ratings in between.

The Problem With The Airbnb Rating System

What To Do If You Have A Horrible Airbnb Experience

Unfortunately, bad experiences can occur with any type of accommodation, and Airbnb is no exception.

How To Write An Airbnb Review:

1. Think about what questions you had about the listing when you first booked it. 2. Let your host know if there are any issues and give them a chance to fix them. 3. Write clear and concise sentences divided into sections if the review is longer.

4. Put negative experiences into perspective. 5. Read the description of listings carefully and keep an eye out for what the host mentions in advance. 6. Be specific. 7. Be respectful and friendly. 8. Include the type of trip and who you stayed with to give some perspective on your experience.

Airbnb Review Template For Guests To Leave Hosts:

Here are some things you should be including: – location – accuracy of the listing – cleanliness – safety – responsiveness of the host – how noisy the place is – what type of traveler would enjoy staying here.

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