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Coffee Shops In Long Beach To Get Some Work Done

I’ve worked at coffee shops all around the world, and I can honestly say Long Beach has some great options.  Check out the coolest coffee shops in Long Beach for yourself and let me know which is your favorite!

Lord Windsor Coffee

Lord Windsor Coffee has the coolest vibes.  The place just inspires me! Perhaps it’s the laid-back but creative vibes, or all that natural light, or how aesthetic it is – do you see those plants?!

Rose Parks Roasters

This place has great coffee (tried it back when I actually drank coffee), a nice tea selection, and overall great vibes. You will find plenty of creatives working hard at their dream lives here.

Recreational Coffee

Recreational coffee is one of my favorite coffee shops in Long Beach to get some work done. I tried Recreational Coffee a while before moving to Long Beach and instantly loved the ambience, staff, and coffee.

The Merchant

The Merchant is exactly how you might imagine a coffee shop. It’s cozy, hip and the perfect spot to get some work done if you’re looking for a change of scenery.


Commodity managed to combine the best things in life and create a hybrid coffee shop in the heart of Long Beach that will become your new favourite spot to get some work done.

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