Best Long Flight Essentials for Traveling in 2023

Travel Tips by: Lifestyle Traveler

In-Flight Gear

Kindle – download a few books onto your kindle – maybe a good novel or an educational book.

Eyeshades & earplugs – for sleeping (or tuning out your annoying neighbor)

Memory Foam Travel Pillow – I have tried all kinds of travel pillows but this memory foam travel pillow is the only one that actually lets me sleep comfortably.

USB Phone Charger – Most airplanes (especially on long flights) have a place to plug in a USB

Reusable water bottle – Flights are long and airplane cabins are like a desert. Keep yourself hydrated!

Food & Drinks

Snacks – Especially if you’re vegan! Avoid unhealthy (& generally gross!) airplane food and bring your own snacks for the flight.


Micellar Water  Moisturizer  Aloe Vera Rose Water

Terrain Map

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