Can You Pack Liquids In Checked Baggage?

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Can I Bring Full-Size Cosmetics Such As Shampoo And Conditioner In The Checked Luggage?

If you don’t think 100 ml of shampoo will cover your entire trip,  you can take a full bottle (or more) as long as you pack it in your checked luggage.

What Happens If Security Finds Prohibited Items In Your Checked Baggage

Locked suitcases should have a locker that is TSA-approved as the officers have special keys to open the locker without having to damage it.


Liquid Norms For Checked Baggage In International Flights

If your luggage doesn’t respect customs norms, you risk getting your items confiscated in the destination country, even if they pass the checking at your departure airport.

Some countries ban alcoholic items altogether such as certain Islamic countries. An example is Saudi Arabia

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