Things To Do in Estonia: Day Trips From Tallinn

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Just 45 minutes from Tallinn lies the Rummu Underwater Prison, one of the most mysterious places in all of Estonia.

If you enjoy visiting unusual locations while you travel and are interested in urban exploring, this should be high on your to-do list for day trips from Tallinn.

A former Soviet prison turned beach and diving attraction, these creepy ruins have become an unmissable location that looks even better in real life than in pictures.

The Rummu Underwater Prison gets its name from the nearby town of Rummu, which is small and doesn’t have a lot going on apart from this impressive structure.

Today, the Rummu Underwater Prison has become a favorite among local adventurers and is especially popular with scuba divers who come to explore the bottom of the crystal clear lake.

The Underwater Prison is surprisingly large, with lots of different things to do. It has recently turned itself into a so-called adventure center offering lots of activities to tourists. 

Definitely add the prison to your Tallinn itinerary, even if you’re not coming to the city during summer.

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