Digital Nomad City Guide for Lima

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Lima has become increasingly popular as a tourist destination in recent years, mainly after Machu Picchu was named one of the new world wonders.

While Lima serves as an initial stop into the country for many tourists, it is also becoming a hotspot for nomads.

The Best Neighborhoods To Live In Lima For Nomads


Miraflores is one of the most popular neighborhoods to live in Lima for nomads, expats, and even locals.

Where to eat

Amore – If you’re craving some delicious pasta, come to Amore. Anticuchos Carmencita – literally a lady that sells anticuchos out of her little cart on the street in Miraflores.

Where to play

Lima Bar – A popular bar for locals and expats located in Miraflores’ outdoor shopping center – Larcomar. Open Bar – This bar is highly popular on Thursdays.

Where to work

El Pan De La Chola – By far the best cafe to work from in Lima. CHE CHA Tea Bar – A newer cafe in the neighborhood, CHE CHA is quickly winning people over.

Terrain Map

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