Goit Stock Waterfall: One Of The Yorkshire’s Hidden Gems

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Western Yorkshire doesn’t nearly have as many waterfalls as the north, but Goit Stock is an unmissable gem in the area.

Where Is Goit Stock Waterfall?

Goit Stock Waterfall is located in western Yorkshire, just under an hour away from the city of Leeds and seven miles from Bradford.

Once you’ve arrived at the Malt Pub, you’ll want to look for a small road called Goit Stock Lane. It’s easy to miss, so take your time to find the correct place before you begin walking.

How To Find The Trail To Goit Stock Waterfall

The Hike To Goit Stock Waterfall

The hike continues along the paved road through a beautiful forested area.  This part of the trail is very easy to manage and could even be done with a stroller, however, it will become a lot more uneven after a while.

How Long Is The Hike To Goit Stock Waterfall

The hike to Goit Stock Waterfall is very manageable and only around 25 minutes long.

What To Pack For The Hike

Pack a light raincoat that fits in your backpack just in case. Make sure to wear sturdy shoes which you don’t mind getting dirty.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Waterfalls In Yorkshire?

You’ll have the best chances of enjoying nice weather during the summer months, June to early September.

Terrain Map

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