Haiti and the Dominican Republic: One Island, Two Worlds

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Haiti and the Dominican Republic share the island of Hispaniola which is divided into two parts with Haiti occupying the smaller western area while the Dominican Republic lies in the east.

Both countries are home to stunning white-sand beaches, crystal clear waters and beautiful scenery.  But one is the poorest country in the western hemisphere while the other is a hotspot for international tourism.

Historical Differences between  Haiti and  the Dominican Republic

Haiti was always the poorer of the two and never seemed to be able to catch up to its far wealthier neighbor.  As time passed, the two economies grew further and further apart as the hundreds of years of exploitation of Haiti, and its land was nearly impossible to reverse..

Economic Differences between Haiti  and  the  Dominican Republic

Even today, Haiti is unable to produce enough food for its people and its GDP is only 18.8$.  The Dominican Republic in comparison has a GDP of 142$ which truly puts this number into perspective.

Haiti has a lot more African influences, and French, as well as Haitian Creole, are the official languages.  The cuisine is spicy and bold and closer to other Caribbean countries.

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