Hallstatt  In Winter

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Hallstatt is a dream destination that will make you feel like you’ve stepped into a winter fairy tale.

Weather In Halstatt In Winter

Halstatt winter temperature ranges between -2°C and 5°C, so it’s best to come prepared with plenty of warm layers for your time here.

The town is small and walkable. You can visit it on a day trip from Salzburg or Vienna. But I’d recommend spending 2 full days in Hallstatt.

How many days do you need in Hallstatt?

How many days do you need in Hallstatt?

The best time to explore Hallstatt is before 9 am or late in the evening when day travelers had not yet arrived to the village or had already left.

Things to do in Hallstatt in Winter

Stroll The Streets Be sure to take your time and explore the charming alleyways and admire centuries-old houses. Marktplatz (Market Square) You can’t miss it when exploring the streets.

Hot chocolate  in a lake view cafe No visit to Hallstatt in winter is complete without curling up in one of the lakeside cafes with a hot chocolate. Try Local Cuisine Hearty dish like Käsespätzle and a cup of Glühwein or Zirbenschnaps.

Halstatt Viewpoints

- Skywalk - Classic Village Viewpoint & Viewpoint Hallstatt - Short Term parking - Seecafe - Five Fingers viewing platform

Terrain Map

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