How to Leave a Review on Airbnb

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If you’re stuck on how to write a helpful Airbnb review and need an example, you’re going to want to read this guide. This post includes the perfect ready-to-use Airbnb review examples, which you can copy and paste and adjust to fit your needs.

Investing just five minutes into rating an Airbnb rental can help future travelers significantly when choosing a place to stay. You definitely came across tons of vague reviews that are not very helpful.

Why You Should Take The Time To Write An Airbnb Review

It’s no secret that 5-star rating systems are flawed. People tend to only rate extremely positive or extremely negative experiences with little average ratings in between.

The Problem With The Airbnb Rating System

If you’re not sure what rating to give your Airbnb, here are some pointers on how most hosts view star ratings on the platform.

Airbnb Review Examples

5-STARS – Anything from a perfect stay to a good stay with some minor issues. Use the review rather than the star rating to point out anything that bothered you.

4-STARS – Average stay with minor to significant issues. Pick this rating if you were unhappy with some things but still had an overall decent experience.

3-STARS – Unpleasant stay with significant issues. Maybe the listing was inaccurate, the host unresponsive, or the cleanliness disastrous. Write a detailed review of what was wrong.

2-STARS – Unacceptable place and a warning for others not to stay here. Use this rating if it is difficult to find any positives about your experience, or you may request a refund.

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