How to Measure Luggage:  10 Steps

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How you should measure your suitcase will depend on whether it’s a carry-on or a checked bag. 

Measuring A Carry-on Suitcase

Carry-ons are usually monitored by the airline using a metal frame or carry-on sizer.

Measuring Checked Bags

Linear inches are all of the bag’s measurements added together, giving you one number.  This allows you to take suitcases of all shapes and sizes as long as their collective measurements don’t surpass a certain number.

How To Measure A Suitcase

To accurately measure a suitcase, you need a tape measure. For more accurate measurements, pack your suitcase before you measure it.

Every airline has its requirements, most of which lie somewhere around 6 inches x 12 inches x 17 inches.

Terrain Map

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