Best Things To Do And See In Palma

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Who would have guessed that the capital city of a stunning Spanish island could have been such a good attraction?

Look out for your first landmark: the historic building known as “Lonja” for which the area was named. 

#1 La Lonja

If you were to reduce your visit to Palma to only visiting one thing, this is it. This Cathedral is the highlight of your 24 hours in Palma.

#2 Cathedral, Parc de la Mar and Almudaina Palace

Plaza de la Reina translates to “Queen’s Square” and it is a great place to continue your route around Palma.

#3 El Born/ Plaza de la Reina

This square holds the headquarters to the local institutions of the island.

#4 Cort

Depending on the time of the year, you will find here outdoor market stalls as well as several terrace bars and restaurants to hang out.

#5 Plaza Mayor

It is named after the turtle’s place in the fountain located in that same square. In this area you will find one of the most well known cafés in the city, Bar Bosch.

#6 Plaza de las Tortugas/ Jaime III

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