“Eat Through Prague” Food Tour

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Prague is one of those cities that when you arrive you realize it’s better than the pictures.

During my time in Prague I got to try another Airbnb experience, this time a foodie tour.

Prague’s foodie scene is a foodie paradise. Czech cuisine is very comforting, and Prague has so many great cafes and restaurants to try!

I booked a tour through Airbnb experiences which consisted of 4 hours of food tasting along with a small city tour when walking from one restaurant to another.

During the tour I got to try out 3 different types of restaurants. These were a mixture of some of the city’s best local spots and even fine dining.

We started off the tour by trying some Czech fast food at Zlaty Kriz.  Our second stop was for beer and meat – 2 things Czech cuisine is known for and what make up a big part of Prague’s foodie scene.

For the last stop on the tour we walked out of the city center and over to Prague 7 to a fine-dining restaurant.

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