The Mallorca Christmas Guide

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If you happen to stop by Mallorca, during the holiday season, you should definitely stick around and read this Mallorca Christmas Guide.

Christmas Lights

By the end of November you will be able to enjoy the array of Christmas lights flood the streets of the city centre of Palma.

If you are a skating enthusiast or just want to hang out and do something different, definitely check out this set up in Plaza España.

Ice Skating

“Belen” Expositions

Representing the traditional nativity scene is a huge part of a family’s Christmas decoration in Mallorca.

La UNESCO World Cultural Heritage


On Christmas Eve, at midnight, most churches in Palma will hold a special mass that will include the singing of “La”, a song that dates back to medieval times.

New Years Eve in “Cort”

One of the main squares of the city, Cort, is the best place to welcome the New Year!

Three Kings Parade

If you want to bring your inner child out during your enjoyment of Christmas in Mallorca, this one is definitely for you.

Terrain Map

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