Is Being Vegan Enough To Clear Your Skin?

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Different people go vegan for different reasons. Some may do it for moral reasons, health reasons, or simply to follow a trend. I am doing it to save my skin.

What Is  Rosacea?

Rosacea is a chronic skin condition that makes the skin of your face blotchy and red.

All you can do with Rosacea is keep it under control. This means finding your “triggers” and avoiding them to save your face.

How To Calm Rosacea Flare Up?

Now the trick is that these “triggers” can be just about anything: from environmental triggers to food triggers. Pretty much anything in normal life can trigger a flare up.

Before turning to veganism I eliminated these trigger foods from my diet. Things were going well since I was mostly cooking for myself and controlled the ingredients used in my meals.

Being a digital nomad means not having a home to cook in, which also means eating out…every meal. After 4 months of travel my skin hit rock bottom.

My Rosacea Vegan Diet

My diet for rosacea is based mainly on eating superfoods.  I have tropical fruits throughout the day; grains like quinoa or black rice, nuts and seeds, health powders, and plenty of teas.

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