Lisbon Digital Nomad Guide

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Many remote workers will sing Lisbon praises as being one of the world’s best locations for freelancers.

With its quaint tiled houses and rattling trams, the electric blue sea appearing in glimpses between its iconic rolling hills, Lisbon casts its spell over anyone who visits.

Whilst the idea of a beach day in February is unheard of for many countries, this dream is a reality in Portugal.


Cost of living in Lisbon

Portugal is one of Europe’s cheapest countries to live in, but with one of the highest qualities of life.


Lisbon’s proximity to a range of stunningly picturesque beaches is often professed to be one of the main reasons the city’s expat community chooses to settle down in the Portuguese capital.

Lisbon’s Food Scene

Portuguese food is simple, fresh, and tasty, often made using locally-sourced produce.

Nightlife in Lisbon

With its long, warm nights, waterfront bars, and light-hearted atmosphere, Lisbon lends itself to a thriving nightlife scene.

Terrain Map

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