Long Haul Flight Essentials: Must Have Items  2023

Travel Tips by: Lifestyle Traveler

In-Flight Gear

Kindle – After the 4th movie you will want to jump off the plane. Download a few books onto your kindle – maybe a good novel or an educational book. Eyeshades & earplugs – For sleeping

Noise-cancelling headphones – Do yourself a favor and cancel all the noise with these headphones. Memory Foam  Travel Pillow 

USB Phone Charger – Most airplanes  have a place to plug in a USB. Make use of your time and charge your phone so you are ready for anything at arrival.

Food & Drinks

Reusable water bottle – Flights are long and airplane cabins are like a desert. Snacks – Avoid unhealthy airplane food and bring your own snacks for the flight.


Micellar Water – Airplane cabins are dry AF so your skin will get greasy. Bring Micellar water in a travel-sized container to clean your skin before and after your flight.

Aloe Vera – Bring it in a travel container and keep it in your handbag to reapply whenever your skin feels dry or inflamed. Moisturizer – Bring your preferred, light-weight moisturizer or face oil to keep your skin hydrated. 

Rose Water –  water is great for soothing skin and works on even the most sensitive types. Sheet Mask – If you feel your skin needs extra moisture, do like the celebrities and bring a face mask. 

Terrain Map

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