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Minimalist, Essentials-Only, Packing Guide For Female Travelers

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When I first embarked on that 6 month around-the-world trip in 2016 I crammed so many unnecessary shoes, clothes, and gadgets into my Osprey backpack. Don’t make the same rookie mistake and only pack the following essentials for your travels!

The Basics

Passport – Pretty obvious but sometimes forgotten!

Cash – Bring a decent amount of cash in-case you can’t use card.

Debit + credit card – Bring a debit card for ATM withdrawals, and a credit card for other purchases.

travel equipment

iPhone – Or Android phone. Just bring a good smart phone and download these apps to get you through your travels.

Life-proof phone case – A life-proof phone case will save you major headaches.

Minimalist Clothing

For clothing, bring less than what you think you’ll need.   Bring only neutrals so you have no problems mixing and matching, and make sure all fabrics are lightweight, breathable, wrinkle-resistant, and easy to roll up for packing.

T-shirts – Two only, you don’t need more!

Dress shirts – Two. You could do three if you plan on doing “nice” things a lot.

Dresses and rompers – Dresses and rompers are great as they are a complete outfit in one!

comfortable shoes

Sandals  – or closed-toed shoes depending on what time of year you’re traveling!

Flip-flops – They’re good to have especially if you plan on staying at hostels.

Running shoes – You will wear these a lot on excursion days, for working out, and on days that you plan to walk a lot.

Essential Toiletries

Travel toothbrush – Brush your teeth, yo. Traveling doesn’t mean all hygiene goes out the window.

Nail clippers – Don’t be that gross gal with the long, dirty nails.

Tampons – Bring lots just in case you can’t buy some where you’re traveling.

Terrain Map

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