Most Instagrammable Places In Palm Springs

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Palm Springs is one of those places you constantly see on Instagram

The Windmills 

Best Place to Watch Sunset in Palm Springs

Step slightly out of the downtown area and into the residential streets and you’ll find some great underrated photography spots in Palm Springs.

Residential Streets by Palm Canyon


The giant Ferris wheel is definitely one of the best photo spots on the grounds, but if that’s too basic for you, there are plenty of more secret places to take pictures at this annual Palm Springs extravaganza.

Palm Greens Cafe

Located in Palm Canyon, this cafe and restaurant might seem inconspicuous at first. But it’s actually home to a beautiful outdoor mural wall which is perfect for taking photos

Salvation Mountain

If you’re looking for weird and wonderful scenic spots in Palm Springs, this secret location is definitely a great choice.

Colorful Building at The Saguaro Palm Springs​​

Hotels in Palm Springs are far from boring. Head to the Saguaro to snap pictures of the iconic colorful columns that decorate the exterior of the building.

Terrain Map

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