Palm Springs Packing Checklist

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Whether you are going to Palm Springs for a weekend or a whole week, these are the items you need during the hot months.

Palm Springs is usually pretty hot (with the exception of winter, obviously).

California is known for its comfortable climate, so there is never a bad time to visit Palm Springs, assuming you know what to pack and wear.

Palm Springs Weather

What To Wear In Palm Springs In Summer

Summers in Palm Springs are very hot, with next to no rain and temperatures as high as 105° Fahrenheit.

What To Wear In Palm Springs In Fall

In late September, temperatures in Palm Springs begin to drop, and by October, you’ll have to wear a light jacket in the evenings.

What To Wear In Palm Springs In Winter

In December, January and February, you’ll want to pack a few sweaters to wear during your time in Palm Springs, but you’ll still get plenty of sunny days.

What To Wear In Palm Springs In Spring

In March, the weather starts to become warmer and by May, you’ll almost be ready to wear your summer outfits again in Palm Springs.

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