Places to Work in Palma De Mallorca for Digital Nomads

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While Mallorca is best known for its gorgeous beaches and being a party island, it also hosts a growing community of digital nomads.

The expat community is largely made up of location independent entrepreneurs who like to hangout at these awesome locations.

Arabay Cafe Location: Plaza Mayor

It is located on a busy street in the center, right by Plaza Mayor, yet feels secluded once you’re inside.

Cala Coffee is an amazing new-wave coffee shop in the heart of Palma.

Cala Coffee Location: Palma Center

MyMuyBueno Deli Location: Palma Center

This cafe is located near Passeig del Born; in a gorgeous locale upstairs and away from noise.

Ziva To Go Location: Center

Ziva is probably the most aesthetic cafe in Palma. They have two locations on in old town and one in Santa Catalina.

The Workshop Cafe & Cycle Location: Santa Catalina

The locale is spacious, open, and with lots of natural light.

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