The Ultimate Guide Of Things To Do In Rome

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It felt crazy being in Rome, especially stepping into the Colosseum and thinking of how long it’s been standing there, living through the centuries and through so much change. 

Where to Stay

The Church Palace The place is luxurious and beautiful. It features ample spaces, friendly staff, and 3 restaurants!

Being that it is Rome, one of the cities with the most magnificent ancient civilization and history, you must do a tour of all the ruins, landmarks, and museums.

Where to play

Colosseum It is magnificent in person – inside and out. Trevi Fountain The most famous fountain in Rome and for good reason.

Vatican The other side of Rome Castel Sant’Angelo This is a huge castle located in the heart of Rome.

Pantheon  Apparently, if you visit Rome and don’t see the pantheon you come back an ass. So, don’t be an ass and go see the Pantheon!

Where to eat

1. 100% Bio 2. Ristorante Life 3. Il Gelato Di San Crispino 4. Pasta Imperiale

Terrain Map

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