The Best Ceviche Spots  in Lima

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Lima has become well-known for its food after being voted “World’s Leading Culinary Destination” for the past 8 years in a row by The World Travel Awards gala, and “Culinary Epicenter of South America” by The New York Times.

Ceviche is one of Lima’s most sought-after traditional dishes, by both locals and travelers.

Canta Rana This place is like a huge hole-in-the-wall spot. It’s located in the bohemian neighborhood of Barranco and its decor fits right in.

Best Ceviche In Barranco

Canta Ranita, as you can probably tell by the name, is Canta Rana’s little sister. This cevicheria is a bit more humble than its older sibling, and is located inside a mercado.

Best Ceviche In Barranco

Punto Azul. The ceviche here is pretty damn amazing, and it’s popular with more locals than just my family.

Best Ceviche In Miraflores

PRO TIP: Mix the juice from the ceviche (called leche de tigre) with the arroz con mariscos for a mind-blowing culinary experience. 

If you’re lucky enough to rent a beach house for the summer season, please stop by El Gringo (located in Playa Caballeros), and just get the ceviche de pescado.

Best Ceviche In Punta Hermosa

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