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Neighborhoods To Live In Barcelona For Young Professionals

People from all over the world are flocking to this major European city because it has it all – beaches, good weather, lively people, culture, and an overall great quality of life. Thinking of joining the movement? Then let’s help you figure out which of the best neighborhoods to live in Barcelona is right for you!

Poble Nou

What was once a mostly deserted area of the city has turned into one of the best neighborhoods to live in Barcelona. Poble Nou is the perfect place to live for those looking for more peace and quiet yet still have things to do.


is a very trendy and upscale area of the city, and it’s also where you will find most of Gaudi’s work. Sushi-like street blocks, modernist buildings, and great shopping.

El Borne

El Borne is a popular neighborhood for expats. It has everything you could think of from amazing cafes, restaurants, cool bars, beautiful architecture, and an overall amazing vibe.


Gracia is like Borne but for locals. This neighborhood has it all – cafes, restaurants, Coworking spots, bars, markets… EVERYTHING.

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