The Ultimate Mykonos Travel Guide

Travel Tips by: Lifestyle Traveler

Mykonos is one of the most popular Greek islands, and for good reason.

There is a certain magic to the place, a lively feeling that makes you want to stay longer.

If you still need to work (the perks of being a digital nomad), the resorts here have amazing wifi. 

Best Places To Eat In Mykonos

Bill and Coo is a boutique hotel that has a restaurant located right next to its infinity pool.

Boukitsa is a whole-in-the-wall creperie in Mykonos town. It is located on the street next to the restaurant Niko’s and sells the most amazing crepes.

Reeza is Rocabella’s own restaurant. It is located poolside inside the hotel and is beautifully decorated to match the rest of the hotel.

Kostas Kostas offers a variety of items on the menu – Greek cuisine, like my favorites Pastitsio and Mousaka, Italian pastas, seafood, and grilled fish and meats.

Terrain Map

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