What  To Do  With Old Luggage?

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Luggage pieces like suitcases, duffle bags, and travel backpacks go through a lot over the years.

If it’s still in decent condition, is there a better option than just throwing it away?  Luckily there is, and this complete guide on how to donate old suitcases and what else you can do with them will help you find the perfect second home for your luggage.

1. Donate your old luggage to kids in foster care

Where To Donate Suitcases:

2. Donate your old suitcases and luggage to a second-hand shop or goodwill

3. Donate your suitcases to a homeless or woman’s shelter

What To Do Before You Donate Your Old Suitcases

If it’s a suitcase, check whether it has a zipper in the lining. Wipe everything down and maybe spray with a scented spray or fabric softener to make your bag feel fresh and like-new.

What Else Can You Do With Old Luggage Other Than Donation?

1. Give it to a friend 2. Have it fixed 3. Upcycle your suitcase 4. Have a garage sale

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