Why Does Flying Make You Tired?

Travel Tips by: Lifestyle Traveler

There are different reasons you will feel drained after your flight, but there are also ways to reduce this fatigue and even avoid it entirely.

Altitude level

Changing the altitude level will affect some passengers more than others but in general, everyone choosing to fly will suffer from elevation effects.

Lower levels of oxygen can also cause flight fatigue.

Oxygen quality


Sitting for several hours, depending on the length of your flight, is never a positive thing for your blood circulation.

Bloating and digestive issues

Bloating as well as nausea can also be a side effect of high altitude and sitting for too long.

Jet lag

Jet lags are common for travelers who change time zones during a flight. Your body is used to a certain time zone, and it adjusts its internal clock to it.

Humidity levels

The level of humidity is different inside an airplane than the one you are used to in your regular environment.

Terrain Map

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