Consider opting for cashback apps this time, which literally pay you back for your regular shopping habits.

From clothes and groceries to your daily coffee, these apps are a smart way to recoup some of your spending – free to use, they provide cashback and rewards.

Cashback apps work simply: shop as usual, and receive a percentage of your spending back.

For instance, a purchase of $100 could earn you $5 back. It’s a straightforward way to earn from your usual shopping routines.

Some popular cashback platforms, like Swagbucks, offer incentives like a $5 bonus just for signing up. These platforms are not just about shopping; they can also include earning rewards through surveys or daily activities like watching videos or playing games.

Imagine enjoying your Starbucks for free throughout the year, thanks to these apps. If you’re already a savvy shopper using these tools, you’re on the right track. If not, it’s never too late to start optimizing your spending and save up to $1,000 annually without altering your budget.

Top Cashback and Reward Apps

1. Dosh – Ideal for effortless earning, Dosh provides automatic cashback when you link your credit or debit cards. It’s particularly good for local and smaller retailers.

2. Fetch Rewards – Allows you to earn points on any purchase from any store by simply uploading receipts.

3. Drop – Earn points passively by linking your card and shopping at selected stores, with a $5 bonus for new users.

4. Rakuten – Offers a free $10 bonus with sign-up. This platform is excellent for online shoppers, returning as much as 40% on purchases from over 2,500 retailers.

5. Ibotta – Provides a $20 welcome bonus and impressive savings on everyday purchases, particularly groceries.

6. Shopkick – Earn points for simple tasks like walking into stores or scanning barcodes, redeemable for cash or gift cards.

7. Honey – Automatically applies the best coupon codes at checkout, saving you money and time.

8. Checkout 51 – Essential for grocery shoppers, offering weekly cashback on a variety of items, from produce to personal care.

9. Swagbucks – Start with a $5 sign-up bonus. Known for providing 1% to 12% cashback through partnerships with major retailers, and additional earnings through surveys and games.

10. Survey Junkie – Combines surveys with passive cashback opportunities through a browser extension.

11. MyPoints – Rewards not only shopping but also activities like surveys, with a $10 bonus for new users.

12. InboxDollars – Known for surveys, but also offers cashback for online shopping through hundreds of retailers.

13. TopCashback – Claims to offer 100% of the commission it earns back to its users, making it a highly rewarding option.


Cashback apps are an increasingly popular way to make every dollar count.

They’re easy to use, cost nothing to download, and can offer significant savings annually.

Whether you’re an occasional shopper or a frequent buyer, these apps can enhance your financial efficiency without extra effort.

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