Top Paid Survey Sites for Earning Extra Cash in 2024

Can you actually earn money online by completing surveys and get paid through PayPal?

Yes, it’s possible, and you’re about to discover how.

Whether you’re new to the concept of paid surveys or you’re a seasoned survey-taker with questions like which sites pay the most or are truly worth your time, this guide is for you.

Many are drawn to online surveys as a method to earn extra money — think of it as a way to supplement your income for everyday expenses like groceries or gas.

It’s an opportunity to share your opinions and influence future products and services, all while earning a little extra dough.

Why Participate in Paid Surveys?

Wondering if online surveys can compete with earnings from gig apps or selling platforms?

Here’s why they’re a viable option: Market research companies are eager to hear your thoughts to better tailor their offerings.

Although you won’t earn as much as some other side hustles (definitely not hundreds daily), participating in surveys can still be a lucrative pastime.

Imagine earning $25 to $100 in gift cards from popular stores or even accumulating enough for a week’s grocery shopping.

However, remember, taking surveys won’t make you rich but can provide a financial boost.

Selecting the Best Paid Survey Sites

It’s crucial to choose reputable survey sites.

I recommend selecting those with high Trust Pilot scores to ensure they are legitimate.

Here’s a brief on some of the best platforms:


Known for its reliability and decent payout options, Swagbucks offers up to $35 per survey.

Survey Junkie

With a user-friendly interface, it offers quick cashouts once you reach a minimal threshold.


This site provides a variety of fun surveys and pays you for watching videos and shopping online.


Owned by the same company as Swagbucks, MyPoints rewards you for surveys and other online activities.

American Consumer Opinion

Straightforward surveys with cash payouts.


Adds a game-like element to earning, with quick payout options.


Offers a range of earning methods and a vibrant community.

Pro Tips for Maximizing Earnings from Surveys

  • Sign up for multiple survey sites to increase your chances of qualifying for surveys.
  • Create a dedicated email account for survey invitations to keep your main inbox uncluttered.
  • Be wary of sites that promise unrealistic earnings or ask for fees to join.

By following these tips and choosing the right platforms, you can enjoy earning extra money through online surveys. Whether it’s paying off small debts or funding your coffee habit, every little bit adds up!

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