Most of the time, yes. Nowadays, hotels, especially the big chains and luxurious ones, are very considerate and offer flexibility regarding their check-in window.

These establishments will have staff at the front desk 24/7. Guests can check in at any time, including late at night or even after midnight.

Hotels in busy urban areas or near airports are mostly manned with receptionists throughout the day.

With these hotels, there is usually no need to announce your midnight arrivals but a small ratio of these hotels may cancel your booking if you don’t show up before a certain time.

They can also ask for a late check-in fee, even though they run a 24-hour reception. You can find a specific hotel’s policy on its website or on the booking platform you choose.

Certain hotels, like the small ones in rural areas, may only have their front desk open until 12 am or so.

When you book your stay, these hotels will either put up a warning telling you to arrive before their closing time or ask you to inform them in advance of late arrivals with an extra fee.

While you can check in after midnight at some hotels, it’s worth noting that their amenities or services, such as restaurants, room services, or spas, may be temporarily closed until the morning.

Can The Hotel Charge A Late Check-In Fee After Midnight?

Yes. Hotels often consider somewhere from 2 pm to 10 pm their normal check-in window. You can collect your kets anytime during this period without any issues.

I have covered hotels’ late check-in policies so you know what to expect when arriving at different hours.

To sum up, each hotel sets its own policy regarding late check-ins. Typically, 5-star hotels and resorts are less likely to demand their guests to report their arrival time and won’t charge anything extra, no matter what time you come in.

However, some hotels do ask for an extra fee, especially when their front desks aren’t open all night. You have to pay for the additional hours the staff has to wait for you.

In all cases, a hotel’s late check-in charges should be clearly stated on its website or in your booking receipt. If you can’t find the information, you can contact the hotel to avoid disappointment.

Can The Hotel Cancel Your Booking After Midnight?

As I have said above, if you don’t check in before a certain time, which is usually by midnight, then, it is indeed possible to have your reservation revoked.

Hotels may have this policy in place to free up unused rooms for other guests as well as to relieve staff from their duties, which is more common in small hotels.

For example, a small lodge in the countryside may close its reception at 10 pm and won’t have workers come in until 9 am the next day.

Then, your reservation is automatically canceled at 10 pm if you don’t show up unless you notify them prior to that.

The hotel is not going to offer you a room at 9 am the next day when the check-out time is likely to be at 10 am. If you have booked a multi-day stay, then it is possible to negotiate to have your room back.

Every hotel differs in its cancelation policies. You will find the most reliable information on the hotel’s website or the confirmation generated by your booking platform.

On rare occasions, the information given by your booking platform may be outdated. In this instance, you may be entitled to compensation if the wrong information causes you any inconvenience or monetary loss.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Hotel For Midnight Check-Ins

Front Desk’s Open Hours

Whether you are uncertain about your travel schedules or already know that you will be arriving at midnight, it’s always safer to opt for hotels with a 24-hour reception.

That way, even if you will be charged a late check-in fee, at least you know you will be able to get your keys.

Late Check-In Fees

Read the hotel’s surcharge policy regarding check-in time. Some hotels may separate different late check-in intervals. For example, the additional fee is $10 for check-ins between 10 pm to 12 am and $30 for any time after 12 am until 9 am the next day.


Amenities like restaurants or pools may close after midnight in most places. Popular hotels in resort towns or high-end hotels may offer spa treatments and pool access throughout the night.

As long as the front desk is open, you can still contact reception for emergencies or problems in your room.

Tips For Checking In At Midnight


Unless the hotel specifically said there is no need to alert them of your late arrival, it is always recommended to communicate with the front desk beforehand to avoid having your booking canceled.

Contacting the hotel gives you extra security as the staff knows you are coming and can help arrange transport, in case you can’t figure out the local transportation system.

On top of that, some accommodations include dinner services. The staff may reserve a meal for you since you are coming late and probably won’t find available restaurants nearby.

Tip The Workers

Tipping hospitality workers goes a long way, especially in countries where their wages are highly dependent on tips.

Since it is already midnight, the vast majority of guests should have checked in for the night. Hence, receptionists will have a better sense of room availability.

If you tip the workers and be polite, they may offer you a free upgrade to one of the better rooms available. You don’t typically get free upgrades during the day because the staff has to anticipate the possibility of having walk-in guests.

But, at midnight, they tend to be more generous at upgrading your suite to provide you with the best experience as it won’t impact other guests.

Ask For Discounts

Some hotels will drop their base prices and offer discounts for late arrivals during off-peak hours to ensure maximum occupancy and fill any vacant rooms.

This promotion can be tempting for travelers who already know they will be coming in late. When you arrive at the reception, you can ask for a possible discount even if they don’t offer it to you immediately.

A few hotels are transparent about their discount offers to attract businesses, others are more secretive about them to avoid an overwhelming amount of guests asking for lower rates.

Hence, inquiring about any available promotions or special rates when making your reservation or checking in is worth it.

Also, it is worthwhile to consider non-monetary benefits as part of a discount. Not all hotels are happy to give out cash reductions but most will gladly give you freebies.

The perks may include free breakfast, spa treatments, equipment rentals (for beach resorts), etc. It doesn’t hurt to ask what additional goodies you can get, but, if the hotel refuses, you should remain understanding and respectful.

Ask For A Corner Room

Corner rooms are usually slightly larger than other rooms of the same tier. They are often quieter as well since you only have neighbors on one side.

Checking into a corner room after midnight also benefits other guests. They are less likely to be disturbed by the noises, such as showering, unpacking, and cooking, you make.

Have Some Cash Or Small Coins Ready

Many European countries/cities have implemented the tourist tax, also known as the city tax. This tax is not included in your booking and is only payable upon your arrival. It won’t be collected in case you miss your booking.

You will find a large number of hotels/hostels only accepting cash for the city tax. The rate varies and can range from €0.50 to €4 or more per night for each traveler.

The tax is due as soon as you check in. Therefore, having a few coins in your pocket can come in handy so you don’t have to look for an ATM in the middle of the night.

Information about the city tax can be found on the official tourism board in each city/region. Not all cities charge a city tax.

The UK, for example, only charges the tax for rentals located in the city center of Manchester but not the rest of the country.

What Date To Book Your Hotel If You Land At Midnight?

Let’s say your flight arrives on the 5th at 11 pm. By the time you make it to your hotel, it will be 2 am on the 6th already. You are probably thinking, should you book your hotel from the 5th or the 6th then?

The answer is always to book the date before your flight lands if you are arriving at midnight. If you book for the 6th, your room won’t be available until 2 pm to 4 pm that day.

In a few hotels, likely the ones near an airport, there may be an option to book a 24-hour room. It means that you can select your check-in time, at 2 am on the 6th per se, and you can check out at 2 am on the 7th at the latest.

These hotels cater to the needs of transit travelers and often have flexible bookings and hourly-rate options.

When Do You Have To Check Out If You Check In At Midnight?

The standard check-out time still applies, even if you check into a hotel after midnight. Hotels don’t extend your check-out time because of your late arrivals.

Most hotels have a check-out time between 10 am and 12 pm the following day. If you want to check out later, it’s important to inform the hotel beforehand so they don’t assign your room to others. A late check-out fee may apply.

Membership benefits may allow you to extend the check-out time for free, sometimes to 4 pm.

Can You Check Out At Midnight?

Checking out of a hotel is often less complicated than checking in, especially with a 24-hour reception desk. An early check-out fee is rarely a thing, regardless of the hour you leave.

However, there will be no refund for the remaining time left during your stay. Transport or bellboy services may also not be available at midnight.

In hotels without a 24-hour front desk, checking out won’t be a problem either most of the time. The hotel will give you instructions on where to leave the key and how to self-check-out.

The only problem you will face with these hotels is deposit collection. It is not uncommon for hotels to charge a key deposit that will only be given back once you return the key.

This deposit is either collected as cash or credits on your card. To get your deposit back, you will have to arrange with the hotel manager or front desk staff about your midnight check-out.

Hotels with a deposit scheme are very attentive and will satisfy your demands to not disrupt your upcoming trips. Given that you have communicated with the staff in advance, you can arrange the drop-off at no additional cost.


Most hotels are well-equipped to manage midnight check-ins and have systems in place to guarantee a seamless check-in process, even at unusual hours.

You won’t face any issues in most parts of the world.

If you are ever unsure about the hotel’s policy, just contact the staff for the most accurate information so you don’t have to bet on your luck to have a good night’s sleep and a hassle-free trip!

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