4 Things To Do With Sea Shells

If you’ve got a bunch of sea shells lying around, here are four straightforward ways to turn them into stylish home decorations.

sea shells in a glass bowl

1. Display Shells In A Bowl

Get a large, shallow glass or ceramic bowl and fill it with your collection of shells.

This simple arrangement looks great on a coffee table or kitchen counter.

You can mix different sizes, colors, and types of shells for added texture and visual interest.

sea shells in a metal basket

2. Place Them In A Metal Basket

Find a wire or metal basket, the kind with gaps that allow the shells to be seen from different angles.

Fill it with sea shells and place it on a shelf or mantle.

The metal contrasts with the organic texture of the shells, creating a rustic yet modern look.

Use a mix of shells to give it a more dynamic appearance.

sea shells glued to a fabric on a mason jar

3. Glue Shells To Fabric Wrapped Around A Mason Jar

Start with a plain mason jar. Wrap it with fabric or burlap, then glue sea shells onto the material. You can make patterns or just cover it in shells randomly.

This craft works as a candle holder or a vase. Just be sure to use a strong adhesive, and let everything dry completely before using.

sea shells in different sized glass jars

4. Decorate With Shells In Different-Sized Jars

Find a few glass jars in varying sizes, and fill them with different types of shells.

This setup creates a unique visual display when you arrange them on a window sill or a shelf.

Use smaller shells in smaller jars and larger ones in bigger jars.

This variety adds depth and can be customized to fit any space.

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