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12 In-Flight Essentials Every Traveler Needs | lifestyletraveler.co | IG: @lifestyletraveler.co

In-Flight Gear

Kindle – You will get bored in-flight. Trust me. Don’t make the mistake I did and have to spend 13hrs without anything to do other than sleep or watch movies. After the 4th movie you will want to jump off the plane. Download a few books onto your kindle – maybe a good novel or an educational book. Why not be productive and teach yourself something new during this downtime?

Eyeshades & earplugs – For sleeping (or tuning out your annoying neighbor)

Noise-cancelling headphones – Babies cry, old men snore, and there’s bound to be someone coughing up a storm near you. Do yourself a favor and cancel all the noise with these headphones.

Memory Foam Travel Pillow – I have tried all kinds of travel pillows but this memory foam travel pillow is the only one that actually lets me sleep comfortably. Also, keep an eye on it on the plane, these are in high-demand!

USB Phone Charger – Most airplanes (especially on long flights) have a place to plug in a USB. Make use of your time and charge your phone so you are ready for anything at arrival.

Food & Drinks

Reusable water bottle – Flights are long and airplane cabins are like a desert. Keep yourself hydrated (& be environmentally friendly) with a reusable water bottle! Also, with the new trend of budget airlines and flights, you usually don’t get free water! Bringing your own will save you TONS of cash.

Snacks – Especially if you’re vegan! Avoid unhealthy (& generally gross!) airplane food and bring your own snacks for the flight. You’ll be happy you have your favorite snack and won’t have after-guilt from eating junk food. You WILL get hungry no matter how short/long your flight is. You can even take it one step further and bring taperwear with a full meal (or just buy a burrito beforehand!)


Micellar Water – Airplane cabins are dry AF so your skin will get greasy. Bring Micellar water in a travel-sized container (along with some reusable-cotton pads) to clean your skin before and after your flight.

Aloe Vera – Again, desert climate means your skin will be parched. Avoid recking havoc on your skin by applying Aloe Vera after cleansing. Aloe Vera helps keep skin hydrated and reduces redness. It is also great for all skin types including sensitive skin and Rosacea! Bring it in a travel container and keep it in your handbag to reapply whenever your skin feels dry or inflamed.

Moisturizer – Bring your preferred, light-weight moisturizer or face oil to keep your skin hydrated. Apply after using Aloe Vera.

Rose Water – I love spritzing rose water throughout the flight to keep my skin moist and fresh. Rose water is great for soothing skin and works on even the most sensitive types.

Sheet Mask – If you feel your skin needs extra moisture, do like the celebrities and bring a face mask. I am yet to use one in-flight, but it’s supposed to prevent your skin from suffering post-flight. If it’s good for the Victoria Secret models, it’s good for me. Try these natural sheet masks.

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