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One of my favorite things about Bali are all the healthy food options it has.

Traveling and keeping healthy don’t always go hand-in-hand and I found myself eating very unhealthy in Europe. While the food was delicious, it wasn’t necessarily the best for me.

Coming to Bali I wanted to make a change and really focus on getting back to a healthy lifestyle. This is perhaps the best place in the world to do this with its healthy arrange of cafes (organic & vegan), wide variety of superfoods, and yoga retreats. While in Bali I also made the decision of switching to a vegan diet (more on that later) and has led me to explore many vegan cafes. Keep reading for my list of favorite vegan cafes in Bali!

Here in Bali the largest concentration of yoga studios and vegan cafes seem to be in Ubud and Seminyak. Both of these areas are beautiful and have a strong focus on everything healthy and trendy. Yoga studios and healthy food options are plenty here! Due to this I found myself spending the most time here and most of my favorite vegan cafes are concentrated in this area.

My Favorite Vegan Cafes In Bali

Atman cafe

Location: Ubud

Atman Cafe has many vegan and vegetarian food options. Atman tops my list as it has the largest selection of vegan dishes, it’s delicious, and has adaptations on traditional foods. You can get vegan versions of many Indonesian plates. My favorite thing to order here though is the vegan pizza! It has a red-rice crust, lots of yummy veggies, and is topped with vegan cashew cheese. So good!

Bukit Cafe

Location: Uluwatu

Bukit Cafe is located near Padang Padang beach so it’s a perfect place for lunch after a swim! The cafe is beautiful and has a pretty big and tasty vegan menu. They offer regular, vegetarian, and vegan options. It works perfectly if you are going out to eat with non-vegans too!

Shelter / Nalu Bowls

Location: Seminyak

Shelter is a restaurant located on top of the famous Nalu Bowls. It offers a variety of fresh, healthy food options including some vegan items. Everything here is amazing! I love ordering their veggie ceviche, Mexican burrito (minus the chicken), and smoothie bowls from Nalu bowls. There’s something for everyone.

Buddha Bali

Location: Everywhere

You’ll find this cafe in almost every trendy part of Bali. They offer regular & vegan dishes and list all of their ingredients so you don’t have to guess. The food, smoothies, and dessert balls are great!

Divine Earth

Location: Seminyak

Divine Earth is located right next to my favorite yoga studio, Seminyak Yoga Shala, and has the yummiest food! They also have adaptations of international cuisines like vegan lasagna, crepes, and moussaka! The moussaka I ordered made me so happy. 🙂

The Spicy Coconut

Location: Seminyak / Canggu

A perfect gem! Everything at The Spicy Coconut is to die for and 100% vegan. They are open for breakfast and lunch and offer a variety of hearty plates. Get their avo toast on homemade pumpkin-spinach bread, banana pancakes, and dragonfruit smoothie bowl! It’s all amazing!

Hope you enjoyed this post! I’ll keep adding to it when I find some more vegan cafes worth noting 🙂

Have you tried any of these vegan cafes in Bali? What did you think? Have any others you would recommend? Comment below!

xx, Karen

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