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Hey guys! Today I wanted to share with you what I did on my recent trip to Singapore. My visit to Singapore was relatively short and planned last-minute. We were in Krabi, Thailand and decided to stop in Singapore prior to spending a month in Bali. We booked the flights and Airbnb the day before and I quickly started looking up things to do. In total we were there 4 days, but 2 of those days were flight days so I don’t really count them. Rather we had 48 hours to explore this modern city/country.

Since we had a limited amount of time in Singapore, I wanted to cover as much “sightseeing” as possible. I asked for some recommendations on Instagram and Facebook travel groups and put together a list of must-see, must-try places. One thing I love about visiting new places is trying the food, and boy does Singapore have good food! The city is filled with “hawker” food courts which are basically a group of street food stands selling a variety of dishes. We tried many of these in those 48 hours! Apart from the hawker scene, Singapore has some amazing fine-dining restaurants with lovely views. I really enjoyed the food scene here and it was a perfect way to enjoy a few more non-vegan meals before diving into this new lifestyle change in Bali. I’ll go more into detail as to why I made that change on another post, but for now, check out my Singapore itinerary below!

Things To Do In Singapore In 2 Days

Day 1 – Explore Downtown Singapore

Bugis Street – the most insane market in Singapore! We actually stumbled across this on our way to DT Singapore. It had been recommended to me by several people. The “street” is more of an indoor market, bustling with shops, locals, and tourists. You can find just about anything here – food, clothes, souvenirs, etc. It’s a sight worth seeing.

Karen in Singapore

Marina Bay Sands – the iconic “boat” building. If you look at pictures of Singapore you’ll most likely come across this iconic hotel. You can go explore it inside and out, but we just took a walk with a view near downtown Singapore. The place is pretty stunning and you’ll probably fight a few tourists for a photo, but it is a must-see. You can also check out Gardens by the bay when in the area. 

dinner in Singapore

Salt Grill & Sky Bar – Fine dining with a 360 view of Singapore. We came here for dinner as I had heard great things about this place. It is located at the top of ION Orchard mall and has the most amazing view of Singapore. I recommend coming here around 6pm when the restaurant opens to catch the sunset. We tried their degustation menu, and everything was delicious. My favorite was the Wagyu beef, which is known as one of the best beefs in the world! You have to try it. The service is also as good as the food and view giving Salt Grill the whole package! You’ll get some pretty insane pictures too 😉

Day 2 – Sentosa & Shopping

Sentosa “The island of fun.” This is an island located right across from Singapore, which you can get to by taxi, cable car, or walking. It is more like a theme park island and the main attraction there is Universal Studios. There are also other things to do like checking out Tiger Sky Tower (for a great view of Singapore), going to the casino, zip lining, or relaxing at one of the many resorts in “Resort World.”

Lau Pa Sat – a Victorian-style food market aka hawker paradise! This place is famous for its cheap, but amazing street food. There’s all kinds of food available from Singaporean dishes to sushi to Latin food. There’s something for everyone. We had some Singaporean noodles and they were amazing!

Orchard Street- A street full on malls! Singapore is known as packing in the most malls per square foot in the world, so it is basically shoppers heaven! Since it’s the holiday season, the whole street was filled with Christmas lights and decor. It was great seeing this as Christmas is my favorite time of year, and this time around I’ll be in a country that doesn’t really celebrate it. We spent a few hours touring the malls on this street. Again, there’s something for everyone here. There are malls for every taste and budget. My favorite was ION. It’s absolutely beautiful!

Swee Choon – Go for the best Dim Sum! This place is located in Little India, the lively neighborhood where our Airbnb was located. We ate at Swee Choon twice in our short stay because it is THAT good. The first time was the night we arrived, and the second was the night before leaving as our goodbye. This place has the best Dim Sum I have tried anywhere, and many locals seem to agree as it always has a long line. It’s worth the wait though! Must-try.

Well there you have it! This is what we did with our 48 hours in Singapore and I wouldn’t change a single thing. I love this place and would definitely go back again if only to eat at all the same places again! One thing that isn’t on the itinerary but I want to see the next time around is China Town. We walked by it and it looked very nice, but what intrigues me the most is that it is home to a Michelin-starred hawker stand!! Yup, you can get a Michelin-stared meal for only $5. Singapore is foodie heaven!

Have you been to Singapore? Would you go back? What else would you recommend? Let me know in the comments below!

xx, Karen

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