We all know that moment when you are staring at the sea of suitcases at the baggage claim and they all look the same.

So, how do you make sure your bag stands out and gives you a laugh while you’re at it?

Funny luggage tags!

They are not just practical, but also mood boosters. I mean, who wouldn’t crack a smile seeing a tag that says, “Not Your Bag, Dude!”?

I’ve put together a list of some funny luggage tags, so you can get your hands on ’em.

Trust me, your future self standing at the baggage claim will thank you.

1. Mziart Funny Luggage Tags Set of 6 

It’s a great small gift option that can be used on any types of bags. Users have pointed out that while the tags themselves are durable, the straps could use a little reinforcement. Some suggest using zip ties in addition to the provided straps for extra security.

2. Travelon Oversized Set of 2 Doughnut Tags

Quality is a big win here, as users rave about their durability.

But heads up, if you’re jotting down your details, skip the ballpoint and go straight for a Sharpie to avoid any smudging.

3. South Feather 2 Pack Funny Cat Luggage Tags

They come with a privacy flip, so your personal info stays your personal info. The material is soft but durable.

4. XinQianXiang 3pcs New Cute Eyes Luggage Tags

These googly eyes are cute, adorable and easy to spot. Available in 3 colours, very affordable.

5. WOZEAH Funny Luggage Tags Set of 2 Pcs

They come with a replaceable information card for your name and address, covered by a waterproof layer for added protection. While the tags are made of durable rubber, some users have mentioned replacing the rubber loop with a metal one for extra security.

6. 4 Pack – Fun & Colorful Luggage Tags

Slide the tag to write your info and then close the tag and clasp it to your bag. The clasp is easy to use. The material is pretty thick and durable.

7. SIVEUMIL 6PCS Unique Cute Animal Luggage Tags 

Cute, adorable and very well made. The materials are great – the tag itself is silicone and itself attachment is made of steel.

8. Funny Cool Llama Hip Hop 2 Pack Luggage Tag

I personally loved this llama tag, but you can choose between 23 more options.

9. Pizza Luggage Tags for Suitcases 2-Pack

These are incredible cute, but users report that the paper for your contact details is way to small to write on. So keep that in mind.

10. Casmonal Luggage Tags with Full Back Privacy Cover w/Steel Loops (Blue 02 pcs Set)

Made of faux leather these tags are really of good quality and make an excellent gift.

11. Eccolo World Traveler Luggage Tag Set of 3

Some users are saying that the paper for writing you contact info is too thin. But you can always replace that if you like the overall design of tags.

12. 6 Pack Unique Luggage Tag Travel Suitcase Bag Summer Series

Unique shape and sturdy metal attachment. Very affordable.

13. Guess What Corgi Butt Funny Joke Luggage ID Tags

Very cute, but strap quality is not the best. I’d personally prefer a metal one.

14. 6 Pack Luggage Tags Bright Colors Business Card Holder

These tags are pretty large and very easy to spot.

15. ban.do Getaway Vegan Leather Luggage Tag

This one is also quite big and bulky, has a unique shape

16. Friends Funny Luggage Tag for Suitcases

17. Corgi Luggage Tags for Suitcases 2-Pack 

Get it for the tag and replace the attachment for a metal one.

18. But First Coffee Luggage Tag

Cute, but a little bit smaller than some of the mentioned above.

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