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Santorini is arguably the most beautiful and magical out of all of the Cycladic islands. The famous Santorini sunset is to blame for this, and it is the most beautiful I have ever seen. I had the chance to spend 10 days on the “honeymoon” island, yet I would have happily stayed a lifetime.

Where To Stay In Santorini

If you’re visiting Santorini for the first time and looking for the best places to stay consider Oia, Fira and Kamari. These are the towns that make the island so special.

If you’re going to explore Santorini without a car the best place to stay would be either Oia or Fira.

Though I highly recommend renting a car, because it will make it so much easier getting around the island.  

Imerovigli is the best place to stay for couples. It’s such an incredibly romantic place for honeymoons.

The Best Towns To Stay In Santorini


Oia is the second town of the island and the most beautiful. This is the place to watch the famous Santorini sunset and that’s where you’ll see the blue domes. It has the most incredible views and the town itself is like magic. Just be aware that this area is VERY touristy so you will be fighting a hundred other tourists for a photo. Still, it is so worth going!


Fira is the main town and capital of the island. Here you can find all the best restaurants, shopping, and anything you might possibly need. It is also extremely picturesque, like the rest of Santorini. You can catch a less crowded sunset from here that is also stunning.


Kamari is a beach town on a different part of the island from the main towns. Although Oia does have a certain magic about it, especially at sunset, it is too overcrowded with tourists. Kamari is a great place to escape for a day, relax at the black sand beach, and eat traditional Greek food at one of the many tavernas. This place is pure magic, and the days I spent here were the most relaxing. You can also rent quads and ride along the coast to see the other volcanic beaches.

Best Hotels in Santorini:

Rocabella – a gorgeous boutique hotel near Fira. This is your place if you would like to be in close proximity to the island’s capital, along with shopping, and various restaurants. The hotel itself offers many luxurious amenities including 4 different pools with an ocean/sunset view, a spa, restaurant, and personal outdoor hot-tubs in every suite. It is also located in one of the highest points of the island, and therefore faces both the sunset and sunrise side.

Ducato Di Oia – located right in the heart of the famous Oia town. This hotel is the perfect place for those seeking a prime location, great service, and luxurious rooms. Ducato Di Oia boasts 12 luxury suites, each named after one of the Cyclades islands. I stayed in the “Santorini” suite which had a private indoor pool with the view of sunset, a cave bathroom, and a spacious room. Getting your own piece of Oia is sooo amazing, as tourists flock to this area to watch the famous Santorini sunset. Instead of fighting with hundreds of tourist for a good view and photo, you get to see the colors of the stunning sunset while sipping on Santorini wine from the privacy of our indoor heated pool. Nothing beats that!

Santorini Heights Hotel – this hotel is located in another town in Santorini – Pyrgos. This is a small, but equally charming town located in between Fira and Kamari beach. The hotel itself boasts some gorgeous suites with private hot-tubs, excellent service, and luxurious amenities. I recommend Santorini Heights to anyone seeking a luxurious experience, but away from the tourist chaos. You will still be in close proximity to all the major spots in Santorini; they are only a shuttle ride away!

Alexander’s Boutique Hotel – this hotel is also located in Oia, but a little farther away from the sunset crowd. It features beautiful, traditional style cave suites that are sure to make your stay in Santorini extra special. All the suites open up to gorgeous terraces with an ocean view. A continental breakfast is also included and served at your terrace every morning. At night, you can cozy up in the hotel’s hottub with a glass of Santorini wine and catch the colors of the sunset.

Must-see Santorini Beaches

Red beach – this beach is a must-see! Since Santorini is a volcanic island, all of its beaches have volcanic rock. This one is particularly stunning as it features red sand.

Black beach – another famous beach in Santorini due to its black sand. This beach is more popular than Kamari, so be aware that you will encounter many tourists. Also, the black sand gets EXTREMELY hot, so make sure to wear shoes while walking in mid-day.

Where To Eat In Santorini

Best Restaurants In Santorini:

Karma Santorini – located in the heart of Oia. Karma restaurant is a popular place for tourists, and for good reason. Everything offered is delicious! I tried some traditional Greek dishes (Musaka and Soutzoukakia) and were not disappointed. Make sure to order the Fried Feta to start, it sounds weird, but it is mouth-dropping good! Come here after sunset as the restaurant does not have a view, but it does have cozy bohemian decor, great food, and great service.

Selene – This restaurant is an absolute must try. Selene offers fine-dining with Greek flare, beautiful atmosphere, and great service. Come here on your day trip to Pyrgos. I recommend you try the veal and pair it with the recommended red Santorini wine. It is amazing! You can also catch a beautiful sunset from the terrace when it is not windy.

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