Digital Nomad Guide To Mallorca

Mallorca is an ideal place for lifestyle travelers to come relax and work in the summer months.

Below is a list of the top reasons why it’s such an amazing place for digital nomads.

Why Mallorca Is A Great Destination For Digital Nomads

1. Idyllic Calas And Beaches


Definitely my favorite part about Mallorca are its idyllic calas and beaches. 

I am a beach bum in its full right, and while I’ve had the fortune to experience some amazing beaches around the world, none beat those in Mallorca. 

There’s something about the energy on this island paired with the crystalline-turquoise waters that just captures a little part of your soul, making you part of the beauty of the island forever.

2. Friendly Locals

My Favorite Place In Spain - Mallorca! | | IG:

One of the main reasons I love Spain so much is its people. 

The people in Spain, and especially on the island of Mallorca, are a fusion of warm latin culture and northern Europeans. They have a serious side to them, but also just love enjoying the day-to-day with all of the sobremesa and vermouth. 

These locals are also quite open to help visitors (so long as you’re respectful of their island).

3. Thriving Expat And Entrepreneurial Community

My Favorite Place In Spain - Mallorca! | | IG:

Palma, the balearic capital and main town in Mallorca, is surprisingly a mini entrepreneurial hub. 

Palma is home to expats and lifestyle travelers from all over the world who come to the island in search of a more balanced lifestyle. 

While I lived in Mallorca for the summer I met entrepreneurs from Sweden, Germany, Australia, England, Mexico, USA, and of course, Spain. Many lifestyle travelers come through to the island, and while most come for the summer, some also make it their semi-permanent home.

4. Lifestyle Diversity

My Favorite Place In Spain - Mallorca! | | IG:

Mallorca is a unique place as it can be as humble or as luxurious as you want it to be. 

In Mallorca you have the option of easily living a simple life or living the lifestyle of the rich and famous. If you’re on a budget, you can easily rent a nice room in the heart of Palma for 350 euros, and spend just a few euros daily for food.

If you’re more into luxury, you can get a massive villa with the most impressive Mediterranean sea view in the most upscale part of the island which will run you a few thousand to rent, or a few million to buy. Mallorca attracts some of the most successful entrepreneurs and families from around the world, and since it has one of the only ports in Europe that can hold super yachts, you will find lots of those parked along the shores.

Digital Nomad Guide To Palma De Mallorca

The Lifestyle Traveler’s Guide To Palma De Mallorca | | IG:

The Balearic capital offers a great balance between leisure and work -– delicious restaurants, beautiful architecture, plenty of activities, and the much needed cafes and coworking spaces with strong wifi.

Where To Get Some Work Done In Palma De Mallorca

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What To Do In Palma De Mallorca

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Where To Stay In Palma De Mallorca

Hotel Cort Mallorca

Hotel Cort

Hotel Cort is centrally located right near boutique shopping, cafes, and a short walk away from the cathedral. It is built in a traditional historic building facing a plaza with an old, beautiful tree. The hotel itself is peaceful, yet you’re in the heart of the action.

It has its own restaurant with a gorgeous terraza and delicious breakfast with some nice vegan options. 

Their rooftop pool and bar is also a great addition to the hotel, and a great place to enjoy in the afternoon when the sun isn’t too harsh.

Things To Do In Mallorca

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What Fellow Digital Nomads Have To Say About Mallorca

Meet The Traveler: Marketing Guru Chloe Morris | | IG:

In 2016, I took my first solo trip to Mallorca to work on a project. I then decided I was going to move out there. Everyone thought I was crazy, which provoked my “I can and I will, watch me” attitude. I have lived as a nomad ever since.

Chloe Morris

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