Bamberg Is Germany's Most Instagrammable Town | | IG:

Germany was never a country high on my list of places to visit. I am a beach and summer person and Germany is best known as a winter wonderland. However, my latest trip to Germany, and specifically Bamberg, changed my whole outlook on the country. This instagrammable town in Bavaria will win you over with its fairytale-like buildings, cobblestone streets, and nature just steps away.

I visited Bamberg for the first time this summer as I was visiting a good friend that lives there, Viki (@chiliconfashion). I met Viki back when I was living in Barcelona and we have kept in touch since! She always talked about how beautiful Bamberg was and insisted I needed to see it, so I took her up on her invitation to show me around and I’m so glad I did!! Bamberg blew all my expectations! Here are some of the reasons why I loved it so much and why you need to visit Bamberg during your trip to Germany!

Bamberg Is Germany's Most Instagrammable Town | | IG:

Why You Should Visit The Instagrammable Town Of Bamberg During Your Trip To Germany

Bamberg is a fairytale city

Bamberg is what storybook dreams are made of. I grew up reading German storybooks and always pictured these fairytale lands with cobblestone streets, intricate-detailed buildings, and rivers crossing the town going into the forest. This is exactly what Bamberg looks like, and it was surreal walking through that storybook town I had always pictured but didn’t know actually existed.

Bamberg is a city with a village feel

Bamberg is a city, yet feels like a village. There is plenty to do and see in this instagrammable town in Germany. It is small so you won’t have that overwhelming big-city feel. Instead you’ll be able to casually stroll though the streets, enjoying a gelato on the bridge, and maybe going to take a swim at the bathhouse where locals hangout during summer.

Franconian Switzerland is just minutes away

Did you know there’s an area just minutes from Bamberg called Franconian Switzerland? It’s only about 30 minutes away from Bamberg and gets its name from its overwhelming natural beauty. Rent a car and go for a drive through this beautiful area. Make sure to stop by the river to see the most beautiful butterflies dancing around the beautiful flowers that surround it.

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Bamberg Is Germany's Most Instagrammable Town | | IG:

Their gelato and ice-cream shops are on point

Bamberg has a surprisingly large amount of ice-cream and gelato shops considering it’s such a small city. Here you can find ice cream for every liking, from spaghetti ice cream to matcha sorbet to an alcoholic caipirinha gelato, there is no shortage of refreshing flavors here! Perfect to accompany you on a stroll through Bamberg on a summer day. Just one more reason to visit this instagrammable town!

Bamberg is super bike-friendly

If you enjoy cycling in warm weather then you must visit Bamberg in the Spring or Summer. This instagrammable town is not just picture friendly, it’s also super bike-friendly. It’s beauty will make you want to ride your bike even if cycling is not usually your thing. Rent a bike and take a ride around town; like the locals do.

Bamberg is Instagrammable AF

Last, but certainly not least, Bamberg is Instagrammable AF. Its cobblestone streets, narrow alleys, colorful houses, cool street art, stunning cathedrals, outdoor markets, and river crossings are what Instagram dreams are made of. Bring your camera, extra batteries, lots of outfits, and perhaps buy some fresh flowers (for only 2 euros!) at the market and go shooting around the city. Your Instagram has never looked this good!

Bamberg Is Germany's Most Instagrammable Town | | IG:

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There are so many reasons you should visit Bamberg during your trip to Germany. This city is magical and will make you feel like you’ve stepped into a storybook. It’s a must-see in Germany, and a must for your Instagram 😍 Thanks again Viki for showing me around your storybook hometown!!

Have you been to Bamberg? What did you think? Did you fall in-love with this German city as well? Let me know in the comments below!

xx, Karen

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Bamberg Is Germany's Most Instagrammable Town | | IG:
Bamberg Is Germany's Most Instagrammable Town | | IG:

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